1. What is AceToWin.com about?

A: AceToWin.com (ATW) is a sports tipping site for those who want to consider serious investments on sports.

It is a fact that more than 95% of sports bettors end up losing their bankroll. However, through ATW, we expect to achieve significant long-term growth of your bankroll.

2. Is this a new tipping site?

A: ATW was launched in 2017. Although a new tipping site, any sport offered is serviced by tipsters with the most widespread knowledge of that sport and at least 10 years’ experience in the tipping field. ATW focusses on QUALITY over QUANTITY and will NEVER send tips for the sake of tipping.

3. Who are your tipsters?

A: Currently our main focus is on Tennis with the featured tipster ATW Tennis.

All the tips given by ATW Tennis are FULLY PROOFED* BY BETADVISOR.COM so you can buy our service with utmost confidence!

*A fully proofed tipster is someone whose tips are independently confirmed by a 3rd party site. The stats cannot be manually altered by the tipster if this is the case. 

A new tipster account ATW-ALL SPORTS was added in 2018 that caters for all the major sports. This service is currently offered free to all ATW Tennis subscribers.

Please check out the Tipsters page for more.

​4. What subscriptions do you offer?

A: We currently offer the following subscriptions for ATW Tennis:

  • £1 TIPS
  • ROTY PLAN (for the rest of the year)

Please check out the Subscribe page for more.

NOTE: A service aimed specifically on Grandslams called GSC was added in early 2018. Please click HERE to check out GSC.

5. How does the ‘£1 TIPS’ subscription work?

A: The ‘£1 TIPS’ service is aimed at customers who want to try a few tips out without having to spend a lot of money. The fee is £1 for the next available tip and is non-recurring. The £1 is for the entire day’s tips (00.00 am UK time – 23.59 pm UK time) so you may get more than one tip for certain days. For customers who prefer going for that occasional punt, this could be the service for you. Alternatively, you can try our MONTHLY PLAN.

A new BONUS is added for the £1 Tips service. If the bought tip is a loss, you get the next 3 Daily Tips for free!

6. How does the MONTHLY and YEARLY PLANS work?

A: MONTHLY PLAN is a non-recurring subscription that will give you tips for the entire month.

The current price of the plan is £19.99.

To give our customers value for money, a few bonuses are offered as follows:

  • If the monthly profit < 200 units (as per betadvisor stats), 2 free months are rewarded
  • Free ‘ATW-All Sports’ tips by the side
  • Extra Bonus: If the first given tip for the month is won by an ace for either player (regardless of the result), you get an extra month free!

The YEARLY PLAN is for an entire year’s tips, currently priced @£127.99.

BONUS: If the yearly period results in a profit < 1500 units (as per betadvisor stats), free 6 months is rewarded.

7. AceToWin stats are different from mine. Why is this?

A: All tips are given with at least 2 reputable bookmakers for comparison purposes. The highest odds between these bookies is always chosen for our stats. If you are not using the bookmaker that we mention on the tip, this could be the obvious reason. Otherwise, please read through Question 13.

You can confirm the legitimacy of our stats by going to betadvisor.com and searching for ATW Tennis. The stats should be almost similar.

8. Are any tips given on the website and do you offer LIFETIME subscriptions?

A: All tips are sent by email and only results are posted on the site.

(Note: Sometimes previews/advice for a particular tournament/event are published on one of our pages. The link is sent to the subscriber if this is the case).

We do not offer LIFETIME subscriptions yet.

9. What are your recommended stakes?

A: Money management is absolutely vital if you are to be successful in the long run.

Our starting bank is 2000 units.

Stakes recommended is always in the range of 1% – 5%. This translates to between 20 units and 100 units.

We do NOT recommend a higher stake no matter how much our confidence may be on a particular tip.

10. What times are the tips sent?

A: For matches that start from 9 am onwards (UK time),  you can expect to receive the tips before 6 am. For late night and early morning matches, the tips are usually sent between 3-8 pm.

The lead time is between 3-5 hours for 90% of our tips. And, 100% of our tips will have a 1 hour lead time, which is in harmony with the independent proofing site Betadvisor.com’s own rules.

11. Which bookmakers are advised for the tips?

A: Value is incredibly important. As we have customers throughout the world, we give the best available prices from some of the most reputable bookmakers such as Betfair, bet365, Marathon Bet, bwin.com, 888 sports, Ladbrokes, 1xBet, William Hill, Unibet, Paddypower, 5 Dimes and Boylesports.

12. The bookmaker recommended in the tip shows lower odds. Why is this?

A: Bookies constantly update their prices. When we send you the tips, they are checked for the best possible prices through price comparison sites, but obviously we cannot control them after that.

Oddsportal.com and Oddschecker.com are our preferred comparison websites.

13. What does a tip look like?

A: Screenshot of a tip given on Feb 27th, 2019:

14. What is your privacy policy?

A: Acetowin.com will NEVER share any information of its users to other individuals or websites. The user’s information (email) is strictly used for sending tips. We hate spam just as much as you do and take privacy very seriously.

Our privacy policy can be read HERE.

15. Where can I find the latest changes to the site?

A:  Latest site updates can be found HERE

16. I think I’m ready. Where do I start?

A: Please do as follows:

17. What happens after I subscribe?

A: After your paypal payment is confirmed, a welcome mail is sent to the email address that was used to buy the subscription with any bonus offers mentioned.

If you are happy with everything, your chosen email for receiving tips is added to our mailing list. From then on, you start receiving tips till the end of your subscription day.

18. I have a question that’s not mentioned in this page. 

A. Shoot us an email through our contact us page HERE. We aim to answer your question within 24 hours.

Alternatively, tweet us here

19. What are your best reasons for subscribers trusting Acetowin.com?

A. As mentioned in answer 3, all ‘ATW Tennis’ tips are proofed by Betadvisor.com which gives you enough reason to trust this service. We simply CANNOT edit our stats. Once they are published on Betadvisor, they are settled without our control. Our own stats page is simply a duplicate spreadsheet in essence.

On top of that, I’ve also got a couple of profitable accounts under the very reputable tipster platform Bettingkingdom.co.uk under the names: KrishTennis and Krish-ket (cricket tips).

These accounts were solely created just for this website’s reputation. Again, we don’t have any control when it comes to the settlement of the tips on these accounts.

Feel free to check them:



20. Your favourite players?

A. Male: Rafael Nadal

Female: Sabine Lisicki (gotta make Kim Clijsters a close 2nd)

We sincerely hope that you have a profitable journey with us!



Every investment has its ups and downs. We are not a quick rich scheme and will never want our clients to take us as an easy way to financial freedom. There will be ups and downs in our journey just like any investment! Our aim is to increase your bankroll in a slow and steady pace with consistency in mind.

Finally, please bet responsibly! If you feel you are not in control, please seek professional help at the earliest. Confidential help can be availed through GamCare Netline HERE!